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The Quietest Secret... London's Busiest Sauna



I'm Ozan, a Certified Personal Trainer in London and a proud member of Turkey's national volleyball team. I developed a genuine interest in Health and Fitness during my training years. I am fortunate to represent the country (I call home) in global volleyball tournaments. I volunteer as a volleyball coach for children with special needs in my spare time. Otherwise, you will find me here at Sweatbox's Naked Workout (varying Sundays), a personal trainer in the gym, or a training journey with a fellow client.


Professionally, I have spent 1000's of hours maintaining an athletic physique to best match my work needs, sometimes losing or gaining weight in only a few weeks. In doing so, I have worked with some of the best trainers and pioneers in the industry, learning many different skills and trade secrets used by professional performance athletes through physique competition models.


Beyond all my qualifications, I am endlessly striving to develop my skillset further; experimenting and assimilating new research on everything from biomechanics and nutrition from peer-reviewed journals to the latest pro-athlete training techniques coming directly from the top performance sports facilities in the world. 


I call Sweatbox my home gym as even though the sauna is busy day/night in and day/night out, the fully equipped gym here is a personal trainers dream. There is no wasting personal workout time waiting for machines or equipment.

Tell Me About You!

Emails are a shield, so accept my invite for a hot drink. I can then hear all about you - particularly what's currently making you happy at the moment. Following out meet, we can then talk about it we were a fitness match :o) 


Let's arrange a date to meet.

Feel free to email, call or send me a message on whatsapp or instagram.


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